Monday, June 15, 2009


My first card in the swap came out of a stamp that I carved for my journal in November as part of my entry regarding Election night (the journal entry is the image to the left). It just seemed to me during the election coverage, that one moment the election could almost have gone either way, and then the next moment, Obama was in and the world had changed. It was that moment that I tried to capture with the stamp.

I wanted to reproduce my little collage from the journal on a postcard, and I spent some time thinking about it. I think I probably could have put my hands on 25 of the postage stamps, but I don't think the post office would have been too happy about cancelled stamps on the back of a postcard so I eventually gave in and came up with a simpler design for the postcard (see below).

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  1. Funny your comment about the post office canceling the stamps! Your cards arrived here without the stamps being canceled.